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People with good leadership skills can drive a household to a whole nation into a new era of success and development. Sano Sansar Initiative as a youth organization believes that if youth can interact with people who have those leadership skills then they can learn to develop those skills and be leaders in their own field. Together with TGG, Sano Sansar carried out leadership sessions known as “Jigyasa” to provide a platform for youth to interact with leaders from various fields. The program also served as a place for potential people to meet, interact and form teams and make further partnership to come up with innovative programs.

The sessions were conducted on a weekly theme of environment, health, meditation and agri-entrepreneurship. The program was facilitated by Mr. Radha Krishna Dhital (Media Personality), gathered key theme and guest speakers like Mr. Anil Shah (CEO Mega Bank), Dr. Bhagwan Koirala (Chief Cardiac Surgeon), Mr. Bhawesh Khanal (Art of Living), C.P. Sharma (Proprietor, Nepal Ostrich Pvt. Ltd), Dipendra Raman Singh (Joint Secretary, Ministry of Health) and Dr Ghana Shyam Gurung (Sr. Conservation Director, WWF Nepal).

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