Campaign Principles

Personal social responsibility

TGG believes that change starts from oneself. It puts the ‘I’ in initiative! By promoting this paradigm, TGG speaks to the inner-self to spur individual action thereby leading towards broader acceptance.

A focus on positives

The TGG mantra is that positivity breeds positivity. With this outlook, TGG focuses on optimism and aspiration that has a positive effect on youth.

Co-existence with nature

TGG understands that while we all enjoy the luxuries of life we can choose to play our small roles in conservation and sustainability.

Getting heard

TGG is a mouthpiece. It is a platform for youth to speak out for the environment, for a change they want to see.

A journey of ends

TGG is but a facilitator. It is a process that can be enriched and sustained only through the active participation of the youth who make this movement.