One School One Heritage Training Program 2014

TGG Initiative: One School One Heritage Program Two Days Training Workshop

Niroj Maharjan, Director, Heritage UNESCO Center
Bipin Shrestha, Assistant Program Officer, ECCA
Binita Khadgi, Program Coordinator, Heritage UNESCO Center

Guest Speaker (Expert): Anil Chitrakar, Social Entrepreneur, TGG Mentor
Heritage Visit Site (Day 2): Kumbheshwor Temple, Patan, Lalitpur

Program Detail:
One School One Heritage Training Workshop
Date: November 3-4, 2014

The program is designed for youth to take lead to understand local cultural and natural heritage with different conservation activities. Youth will be trained by highly experienced experts. They will further motivate and train schools and students to care and adopt one feasible site by knowing, doing and sharing of information of sustainability and add aesthetic values to the areas. One School One Heritage campaign unleashes many unknown natural and cultural heritage areas with great importance. It will access information, bring participation and create social justice to many forgotten heritages by adding values to it. The main objective of the campaign is to make youth socially responsible on conservation of heritage sites.

The program is carried out by ECCA ( based on their methodology and past working experience in different schools of Kathmandu Valley.