Taking Action

Talk from environmental groups on ways everyone can participate in a cleaner, more environmentally friendly city:

Participants from groups engaging with the public on environmental programs made presentations.  Followed by Q&A from audience.

 Moderated by: Kashish Das Shrestha 

Participants:  Selected environmental activist, comprising of The Generation Green (TGG), US Embassy Youth Council representatives and others from general public through social media.


Santosh Ojha:  USYC 2013 Youth Council Member Talking about  Hamri Bahini– Green Angels, an initiatives for creating respectable jobs for unfortunate women and No Thanks! I carry My Own Bag fight against polythene bags campaign, working with youths, communities, women and policy levels to get plastic bags banned.  

Anandeeta Gurung. USYC 2014 Youth Council Member.  Demonstrating a community model on river restoration.

 Nabin Biskash, Clean Up Nepal Details TBD 

Amuda Mistra (or representative), Ujyalo Foundation, Using Plastic Bottles to Provide an inexpensive form of light.