FAQs – Greenovation Startup Challenge (GSC) 2016


1. What is the Generation Green (TGG) campaign?

TGG is an ambitious five-year campaign (2014-2018) of WWF Nepal that seeks to strengthen the engagement of Nepal’s youth from all sectors in conservation and promote smart choices for the environment. It aims to create a generation of Nepali youth, committed to sustainable development and biodiversity conservation that effectively engages and influences the wider stakeholders in conservation. For more details: http://tgg.org.np/the-generation-green/


2. What is the Greenovation Startup Challenge (GSC) 2016?

GSC 2016 seeks to nurture entrepreneurship ideas linked to an environmental cause in young and passionate entrepreneurs and startup communities. GSC believes in promoting socially responsible entrepreneurship and welcomes participation from diverse sectors offering you a once-in-a-lifetime experience to turn your green business idea into a reality. It provides you a platform in transforming your innovative ideas, from a concept to a performing enterprise, and assists you in the initial set up of your own business.


3. Do I have to pay to participate?
Nepal Entrepreneurs’ Hub will charge a nominal fee for the Startup Weekend program to be held on 18-20 November.


4. Can individuals apply?
Yes, individuals can apply.


5. Can organization apply?
Profit making organizations not exceeding annual turnover of $8,000 can apply.


6. Do I have to have a green business idea to participate?
Yes, you have to have a green business idea to participate.


7. How do I participate?
Please register here.


8. What benefit do I get by participating?
You will learn how to frame a simple idea into an enterprise and perhaps enhance your business acumen.


9. Will my idea get funded if I become the top finalist?
The top three ideas from the Startup Weekend will receive a seed money of Rs. 150,000* each for the respective enterprise. The winning candidates will receive two mentoring and guiding sessions* from NEHUB for setting up the business after the event.


10. How long is the event?

The event spreads over a period of two months. Please refer to the following dates.

  • First Spark Talk- 20 October
  • First Meet Up- 23 October
  • Second Spark Talk- 27 October
  • Second Meet Up- 13 November
  • Third Spark Talk- 15 November
  • Startup Weekend program- 18-20 November