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“If a picture can speak a thousand words, imagine what 20 pictures can do!”  

On World Environment Day, WWF Nepal’s The Generation Green organized an Intercollege PechaKucha Competition. The competition sought participation from various colleges from Kathmandu creating awareness among youth about pressing environmental issues.

Date: 5 June

Time: 3:00pm – 5:00pm

Venue: Moksh, Jhamsikhel

Congratulations to all the 10 best speakers! Aakriti Thakali, Prasad Gyawali, Saheel Baral, Juliana Shrestha, Manas Koirala, Alfa Maiya Shakya, Sonali Agrawal, Sefali Agrawal, Palistha Shrestha and Raman Bajracharya- Fantastic presentations!





  • What is PechaKucha 20×20?
    • PechaKucha 20×20 is a simple presentation format where you show 20 images, each for 20 seconds. The images advance automatically and you talk along to the images.


  • Who invented the format?
    • The presentation format was devised by Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham of Klein Dytham architecture. The first PechaKucha Night was held in Tokyo in 2003. Klein Dytham architecture still organizes and supports the global PechaKucha Night network and organizes PechaKucha Night Tokyo.


  • What are PechaKucha Events?
    • PechaKucha events are gatherings where creative people get together and share their ideas, works, thoughts, holiday snaps — just about anything, really — in the PechaKucha 20×20 format.


  • Who can present?


  • What can people present?
    • The key to a great presentation is to present something you love and are interested in. Most people use PechaKucha events to present their latest creative projects or work. However, after the elimination round you will be provided a list of topics to choose from.


  • What makes a good PechaKucha?
    • Good PechaKucha presentations are the ones that uncover the unexpected — unexpected talent, unexpected ideas. Some PechaKuchas tell great stories about a project or a trip. Some are incredibly personal, some are incredibly funny, but all are very different.


  • Was PechaKucha the first form at like this?
    • That’s a good question. We have all heard of elevator pitches, a presentation so short you could pitch it to someone in an elevator. 20 seconds x 20 images are a bit longer than that, but the idea is the same: short, concise presentations. As far as we know, PechaKucha was the first to put a limit on the number of images and number of seconds — and the all-important auto-forward. There’s no “next slide” or “go back one, please” at PechaKucha.

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