KUSOM Eco Carnival

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A week-long KUSOM (Kathmandu University School of Management) Eco Carnival 2014 celebration ended with much fun and well-coordinated participation from the KUSOM students.

The seven-day event included Flash mob, Cycle Rally, Tree plantation in a nearby community, Green Management talk session, Art competition, Eco Business idea sharing, Artistic BIZ junk, Photography, entertainment and fashion show with the theme ”Reuse/Recycle/Reduce”.

6 September, Chief Guest, Sr. Conservation Director, WWF Nepal, Dr. Ghana S Gurung encouraged youth gathered at KUSOM to continue their good work and get involved in the Generation Green to bring about change in mind, community and environment. He insisted that conservation in Nepal needs support not only from youth but individuals from all the sectors.

A lot of continuous flow of entertaining acts really brightened up the day for all the youngsters present at the event.

Date: 6th Sep, 2014
Venue: (KUSOM), Balkumari, Lalitpur