The Mentorship Program

“Mentorship is simply learning from the mistakes and mastery of a successful person in his/her field.”

– Bernard Kelvin Clive


Nepal is a young country with half of the population under the age of 25.Therefore youth involvement is inevitable in any development initiative and perhaps at the best interest of the nation.


WWF Nepal’s initiation of an ambitious campaign called “The Generation Green (TGG)” targets to reach out to half a million Nepali youth of age group 16-26 in an effort to promote environmental awareness. The campaign envisions that the Generation Green youth will adopt and promote sustainable lifestyles incorporating environmental solutions in the different sectors they are engaged in and as they work up their career paths. The mentorship program under TGG aims to connect our local and national social leaders to the future ones, our seasoned professionals from various sectors to the prospective ones, in an attempt to inculcate the exemplary leadership and success achieved by these role models of Nepal who would not and did not give up, who rather fought the flaws of the system, and indeed improved it by staying put within the system. With dedication and perseverance they pursued their occupational discipline within Nepal, and brought considerable successes to themselves and the institutions they were associated with. They are the true national heroes, recognized locally and nationally for their endeavours for people, society and country.


The focus of the program is on TRANSFORMATIONAL and POSITIVE LEADERSHIP to spread across every sector of our country. The general sense of desperation among Nepali youth is found in a spectrum of varied aspects of life driven by eagerness, sometimes impatience and at times desire to do less. With mentors’ guidance, individuals can improve holistically for the future both professionally and personally and as leaders and the synergy can only generate ideas to inspire and empower others.


TGG has completed two batches of mentorship program, each lasting for a period of six months. The program has progressed with 165 Mentees with 16 mentors on board. Since its inception in 2014, the program has adapted to a learning by doing approach and has consequently evolved to a more mentor led youth focused, action oriented engagement initiatives.


What is expected from the mentors?

Spread over six months, mentors are required to commit for a minimum of twice a month in person meeting to guide the team. A common belief that when leaders show a commitment to mentor young minds, the same primal emotions are tapped. Young individuals will be motivated to reciprocate, expressing their gratitude or loyalty by going the extra mile, perhaps even further than their mentor’s horizon for them. More concretely, mentors play three pivotal roles: Provide guidance, Be involved and Take ownership.


What is expected from the Mentees?

Mentees are encouraged to share their future plans with the mentor, ask for advice and reflect on the mentor’s observations. Often unable to develop realistic goals and timelines and usually trying to accomplish more than they can do in a given time frame, mentors and mentees should consult about how best they can work together in a social yet environment issues and addressing approaches, be engaged in setting key milestones during the program.


How is mentee selected?

Careful selection of the mentees is extremely important to ensure that there is a correct match between mentor and mentee as well as expectations for each party. The implementing partner of TGG campaign together with the associated school/college/club will be primarily responsible for identifying the potential mentees and making recommendations based on standard selection criteria. Both male and female participants will be provided an equal opportunity to be a part of the program.


How will Mentor and Mentee work together?

The program provides a platform for both mentor and mentee to be involved in a series of interactions and activities aimed at providing mutual benefit to both the parties. Mentors can expand their horizon of influence while inculcating topical as well as leadership skills in mentees. For mentees, the program exposes them to relationships that encourage increased motivation and a stronger appreciation of their academic as well as their pragmatic lives. Going forward, the mentor engages with his/her respective mentee/s to ideate and develop a project concept which further competes with the other groups. Details of project topic and guidelines will be communicated later on the commencement of the program.