My First Green Date

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Date: 14 February 2016
Venue: Kathmandu, Nepal

14 February marked the second anniversary of the TGG campaign. In order to celebrate the day, we launched the Seed Your Future campaign- a call to action a personal social responsibility reaching out to young people to take a simple single step towards saving this planet, by planting a seed! The campaign will last a year with several related plantation initiatives. Seed meaning the source of life, an expression in itself, to multiply and evolve with the dynamics of surroundings and environment. The campaign is a hope to bring young people together to a single doable action that will gain it’s significance as they grow.

To create the buzz for the campaign, pegging it against St. Valentine’s Day through a youthful event titled “My First Green Date” an event was organized where 1,000 sachets of coriander seeds were distributed to inculcate a simple habit of growing green. Our goal was to simply raise the awareness of a single youth initiation that could contribute to saving a planet and encourage as many young hands as possible to join and initiate them to make this smallest gesture towards their own future.

The campaign made use of a primary digital interface via social media and the TGG website to drive, create and sustain youth’s interest on the campaign. On 14th February, an activation event was organized at the Civil Mall from where the distribution took place.