Pani Parsad and Friends Off To The High Altitude Wetlands

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Hello Once Again My Friends,

After a gap of many months, Pani Prasad is back again to take you on another exciting journey, full of adventure, fun and knowledge. During this time, I am sure you have been busy trying out new ways to save water, reducing water pollution in your house, school and community and also teaching others about the importance of water. Now, wouldn’t you also like to know what our old friend has been doing all these months?

Well, Pani Prasad has been very busy visiting new places and learning new things. From climbing to the top of Mount Everest to calling on Red Pandas, Pani Prasad has indeed been on the go.

And now, he will take you along in his thrilling journey, where he is accompanied by his three friends just like you – Chandra, Matina and Dolma. Along with them, you will learn about a lot of new and exciting things.

For instance, did you know what ‘Wetlands’ are? What about Climate Change? And its impacts on all of us? Go ahead, flip the pages and meet up once again with Pani Prasad and embark with him on this special voyage where you will encounter new friends, new places and new ideas.

Happy Learning!

And don’t forget, YOU are our Water Ambassador! So spread Pani Prasad’s message and let everyone know how precious water is and how we can all work together to save it.

Thank you,