Pani Prasad Ventures to Raise Climate Change Awareness

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Pani Prasad is here again!!!

After taking you along on many of his exciting journeys, through dark, dense forests in the Terai to cool, icy wetlands in the mountains, your old friend Pani Prasad is back for yet another adventure.

This time as well, Pani Prasad is full of new stories to tell, wonderful places to visit and interesting people to meet. Oh yes, he has been quite busy, traveling far and wide – from the highest peak in the world to distant countries across oceans, learning more amazing facts to share with you.

Pani Prasad knows how much you all understand about Climate Change, especially after accompanying him to high-altitude wetlands like Gosaikunda and Gokyo last year.

But did you know that Climate Change is just not affecting distant places like the Arctic and the Himalayan mountains. This phenomenon affects each one of us – you, me, our families, our societies. To find out how, Pani Prasad has been visiting many different people-like Ani didi from Solukhumbu and Balram Uncle from Kapilvastu, who have shared all their captivating stories with us.

So, hop on board!!! Let us go on this extraordinary quest with Pani Prasad. Learn and at the same time have a lot of fun – Measure your footprint, play our Climate Snakes and Ladder Game and see if you can beat our tricky quizzes.

Bon Voyage!

And remember, my dear Water Ambassadors, it is upto each and every one of YOU to pass on what you have learned to the wider world, so that everyone does their bit and we can all enjoy a ‘healthy and living planet’.

Thank You