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The first step is enrolment. You are encouraged to sign up to the campaign through a simple enrolment process and by committing to the guidelines of TGG. WWF will put you in touch with a partner organization to help you with the enrolment.

Once enrolled, your next step is engagement:

  • Identify environmental issues that you would want to work on, individually as well as collectively.
  • Get creative. Develop and share with us your annual calendar of activities and events.
  • Make use of our online channels and media outlets to inform about and publicize your activities and events.
  • Stay tuned. Receive news and updates from us on key events and campaigns that you can participate in.


The Generation Green creates benefits for the environment…and you become the force that helps bring about these benefits. In the process of learning and doing, The Generation Green makes sure that you grow as an individual as this movement for the planet in turn grows.

  • Mentorship: Take advantage of our mentorship program that will take you through a grooming process with leaders from diverse sectors such as conservation, business, art and entertainment, media and education.
  • Green projects: Participate in an annual award that will help fund your idea and solution for a greener environment.
  • Green jobs: Look forward to internship and learning opportunities with community-based enterprises and agencies to help you build your own ideas on green solutions for the environment.
  • Scholarships: Take advantage of WWF’s annual scholarship awards in conservation and forestry.
  • Twinning: Liaise with a student/environmental club outside your community and exchange members, ideas and learnings.