TGG Mentorship Program – Batch II Induction for Mentee Groups

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Date: 22nd – 30th August, 2015
TGG Mentorship Program – Batch II Induction for Mentee groups of
Mr. Anil Chitrakar,
Mr. Amrit Gurung,
Mr. Anil Shah,
Dr. Aruna Uprety,
Ms. Barsha Shrestha,
Ms. Charimaya Tamang,
Hon. Gagan Thapa,
Dr. K C Poudel,
Mr. Leela Mani Poudyal,
Ms. Malvika Subba,
Mr. Prateek Pradhan,
Mr. Ranjit Acharya,
Ms. Sapna Shakya and
Mr. Sujeev Shakya
was carried out successfully in a day long program.
While the first half of the program focused on introduction session called
“Buddy pairs”, “Safe space” – Mapping of expectations and “Future Search” – Plotting of dreams, hopes and aspirations, the second half of the program was conducted in “World Café” method – getting to know the mentors from other groups and a dedicated session was allocated for each Mentor and respective Mentees.
Going forward, each team requires to work on a project concept within a period of six-months.