TGG Youth Meeting – Taking Young People Seriously

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Date: 19 November, 2014
Venue: Anamnagar- 32, Union House Road, Kathmandu

The Generation Green (TGG) is an ambitious five-year campaign (2014-2018) envisaged by WWF Nepal to create a generation of Nepali youth, committed to conservation and promote smart choices for the environment or/and sustainable development.

TGG envisions creating a nationwide membership of 500,000 youth, aged 16-26 years. TGG members will be provided with learning prospects and participatory opportunities in conservation programs and activities. TGG also aims to work with 50 prominent Nepali citizens – our current day heroes – as mentors to youth to advocate sustainable leadership.

We take this opportunity to invite a student representative (16-26 age group; ONLY ONE) from esteemed colleges to be a part of our first “TGG Youth Meeting – Taking Young People Seriously” on “Innovative Green Ideas”.  Youth are the epitome of energy and the driving force for change.  We are optimistic that if they put the same level of exuberance and imagination that they put into Facebook and WhatsApp these days, they can make this generation more progressive and showcase the change that they want to see and be for Nepal.

TGG Youth Meeting-Taking Young People Seriously
WWF values young people’s contributions and are committed to listening to their views and opinions. We realize that Youth participation involves young people being involved in decision-making processes in issues that affect them. TGG will serve as a platform where various diverse young perspectives and ideas will merge to develop as meaningful Youth participatory programs and initiatives.

Date: 19 November 2014 (Wednesday)
Time: 12:30 pm
Venue: Anamnagar- 32, Union House Road. Contact no: 4222148, 4256697, 4243059 and 4260089

TGG members will benefit from a wide range of conservation and environmental programmes and activities designed to revolve around educating and engaging the youth of Nepal to be committed to sustainable development and biodiversity conservation.

We look forward to building closer ties with Colleges and Universities as we build a new generation of change agents, for a living planet!