The Generation Green (TGG): Launch Event

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launch Event 1A new generation for a living planet! 

Kathmandu, Nepal – The Generation Green, a five-year campaign of WWF Nepal targeting 500,000 Nepalese youth, was formally launched today sparking a collective movement for the environment and sustainable development of Nepal.

We have embarked on a new journey today, and how better than by holding the hands of our new generation, so that they may in turn hold the reigns tomorrow,” stated Mr. Anil Manandhar, Country Representative of WWF Nepal. “The Generation Green celebrates the power of the youth, to be an agent of change, both individually as well as collectively, whereby they can join forces in bringing about environmental change and also change for the nation at large.

launch Event 2The Generation Green (TGG) works on a membership model targeting youth aged 16-26 years across the nation. Youth can become members of the campaign through a simple enrolment process and by pledging to abide by the values and principles of the campaign. Education and empowerment are key focus areas of the campaign which will open up opportunities for the TGG members to engage in learning in order to build sustainable lifestyles. Such learning will be complemented by avenues for the youth to engage and participate in programs and events on conservation and sustainable development. A mentorship program, environmental scholarships, participation in ‘green’ contests and awards, and engagement in green jobs are some of the opportunities youth can take advantage of under The Generation Green.

launch Event 3The world I inherited is sadly better than the world I am living in,” stated Mr. Leela Mani Paudyal, Chief Secretary of the Government of Nepal and a mentor under the campaign. “While this is because of our own actions, it still does not discount the fact that our actions again can change that. The Generation Green is such a platform to help us leave a world that is as healthy as we want to pass on to our future generations, and I congratulate WWF Nepal and its partners for taking this first step.

The campaign rests on a unique mentorship program that brings together 50 prominent citizens of Nepal from diverse sectors such as conservation, business, art, education and development. Under this program, the mentors will help build overall development and leadership skills of select TGG members, or mentees, nurturing them to become leaders of tomorrow.

launch Event 4Youth are no longer the future; they are the present,” stated Mr. Anil Shah, CEO of Mega Bank and a TGG mentor. “The Generation Green serves as a bridge between the energy of the youth and the experience of the mentors whereby we can together nurture a living planet.

TGG is led by WWF Nepal together with its conservation partners – National Trust for Nature Conservation, Environmental Camps for Conservation Awareness, SENSE Nepal, Youth Alliance for Environment and Green Youth of Lumbini. The Generation Green campaign draws inspiration from the Eco Club movement supported by WWF Nepal that presently works with over 250,000 young children in conservation education and building conservation awareness.