World Heritage Day

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World Heritage Day and World Earth Day is observed on 18th April and 22nd April respectively in more than 190 countries worldwide with the motive to make aware the people about the importance and need of conservation of heritage sites, about environment, its issues of degradation, conservation and encouraging people to adapt to environment friendly life style. Marking this day, ECCA organized “Heritage walk program”, targeting youths on 18th April and “Heritage walk and plantation program” on 22nd April targeting different school students.

On World Heritage Day, youth were well guided for heritage walk by an expert Mr. Siddhi Bahadur Bajracharya.

Heritage walk route was from Teku Dobhan to Junga Hem Heranya Narayan visiting the cultural heritage sites and along the side of Bagmati river.  The program not only focused on informing students about the history and cultural value of the heritage sites but also prioritized informing students about the present hazardous scenario of Bagmati River comparing it with the past. The students were made aware of the unplanned urbanization and lack of proper waste management system that affects the society and daily lives of the locals.

Eleven schools participated in this program and 50 volunteers (divided into groups of 5) were mobilized to conduct this program.  Each group had the responsibility to facilitate and co-ordinate fifty students. Interpreting the theme of World Earth Day 2014, “The Green Cities”, students of Oracle School and ECCA volunteers conducted plantation program in an open ground at Guitole, Lalitpur with the initiation to make it a park.